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Mail Configuration (URZ)


Your basic mail address is The personal administration sends you a letter with your account information for your UNI-ID when you start your job. Students get it when they start their studies.

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Getting an a alias

Please send the desired alias name to admin(at) We configure it for you.

Configuring an e-mail client on your local host

How to get your mail

The entries for incoming mail are:

  • servername: port: 993
  • useridentification: uni-id

You fetch your e-mail by IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol). Then you can use the feature to create own directories at the e-mail server. This is convenient if you like to manage your e-mails from different places and different e-mail clients.Use TLS encryption.

How to send e-mail

Send your e-mail to port 587

using the UNI-HD as account name

this mailer can be used from all over the world. It offers TSL encryption for secure password and e-mail transfer.

Nevertheless you might have problems using it from outside. The reasons are in most cases some security restrictions by your external provider in your outside environment. Often the access of an send mailer is allowed to local servers only and your attempt to is blocked by a firewall. In this case you have to ask the remote provider for an access to an SMTP server.


Spam filter

Our e-mail server uses a spam filter. It purges all obvious spam mails and lables the doubtfull cases as spam before putting them into your mail box.

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