Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg


Since 1880 the institute has developed reference frames in astronomy by producing fundamental star catalogues. Nowadays it is also involved in satellite projects as in the successful Hipparcos mission and in the ESA cornerstone mission project Gaia.

Astrometry by satellites

  • Project Gaia
    • First Look (S. Jordan, U. Bastian, H. Bernstein, M. Biermann, S. Hirte, H. Lenhardt)
    • Astrometric Core Processing (U. Bastian, H. Bernstein, A. Bombrun)
    • Ground segment support (U. Bastian, M. Biermann)
    • Astrometric binaries, incl. exo-planets (H. Bernstein)
    • Hardware for GRID processing (R. Spurzem, S. Jordan)
    • Public outreach materials (U. Bastian, W. Hofmann)
    • Gaia Science Team, project support (U. Bastian, E. Grebel)
  • Finished mission of HIPPARCOS

Ground based astrometry

  • Older Fundamental Catalogues e.g. FK3, FK4, and FK5
  • Catalogue of Positions and Proper Motions PPM (S. Röser, U. Bastian)
  • Nearby stars (H. Jahreiß)
  • Radio reference frame (H.-G. Walter, R. Hering)

Ground based improved satellite data

  • Catalog of fundamental stars FK6 (R. Wielen, H. Schwan)
  • The big astrometric catalogue ARIHIP (R. Wielen, H. Schwan)
  • Delta-? double stars (R. Wielen, C. Dettbarn)
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